Technical Disaster is a podcast focusing on gaming and geek culture that streams live on Twitch every other Monday.


DozerZigashi (@DozerZigashi)

DozerZigashiOne half of the BoomBros Duo, Dozer has returned to Technical Disaster as a host and the primary organizer of the show. His role in the team is primarily a leadership role, which only helps feed his overgrown ego. He’s also the technical maestro of the team.



Cyarkos (@Cyarkos)

cyarkosCyarkos is the other half of the BoomBros Duo. Since starting college he has taken on a secondary role in organizational duties, but still remains as one of the primary and lead hosts for Technical Disaster. He also provides the most valuable asset to the Technical Disaster team, that silky smooth golden voice.

DexT (@TechDisCast)

DeusThe Titular amalgamation that caused the destruction of The Boomburst. DexT,  short for
“Deus ex Techina” (also known as Deus), is a mischievous robotic imp-like creature whose sole purpose is to taunt the Technical Disaster Team with technical difficulties and other disasters during their live shows. While not a host himself, he occasionally will meddle with a post-show recording in order to cause or highlight some disturbance. His origin is completely unknown. He currently has hijacked and taken control of the Technical Disaster Twitter.


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