A Storm Approaches

A storm brews out in the digital ocean, two new members have joined our Tech Support:

Fiddle and MSN were both members of Whirlcast, the (now discontinued) podcast for Radio Whirlwind. They were on an episode of The Boomburst back in 2016 and have been good friends to The Boombros since then.

Fiddle, also known as Illus, is a Youtuber who is also in charge of Radio Whirlwind. Running an online radio station, he obviously had a love for music. One swing by his YouTube channel will show you a bunch of songs and covers, alongside his vlogs and other forms of video content. He’s an enthusiastic and dependable guy who will be a great addition to the team.

MSN was a member of the Whirlcast team and one swing by his twitter account will show that he is a master of memes and a top-class shitposter. Behind all that memery is a pretty cool guy with some solid smash bros skills.

Also, in an unrelated note, we’ve got an episode planning to go live on Twitch at 8pm ET talking about Fire Emblem Echoes DLC. There will also be a bonus episode this week on Wednesday covering the upcoming Pokemon Direct.


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