Disaster Week Day 3 Preview

While Day 2 is rounding down, let’s take another look at what we’ve got coming on Wednesday.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Dozer introduced everyone to the J-pop JRPG that stole his heart, and now he’s going to bring you through the adventure of the first major mission. Update: times have changed, this stream will take place during the 6 – 9pm time slot. 

Super Mario Bros. Wii: Cyarkos, being the Mario fan that he is, is going to play through the Wii Super Mario Bros. game for us on stream. Update: Times have changed, this stream will take place during the 2 – 6 pm time slot. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer: Whether you like the game or hate it, this will be a chance to see how it all plays out. Unless Fleet’s stream kills itself again. Which it might, considering the game.

Special Event


We’ve been teasing it all week, but it’s time for the Pokemon Black Randomizer Drinking Game! The stream will start when Fleet finishes up her stream block (so it might start sooner or a little later than 12:00 am ET). The drinking rules for the game are as follows.

  1. All Pokemon MUST be nicknamed.
  2. When you earn a Gym Badge, take a shot.
  3. When someone earns a Gym Badge before you, take a shot.
  4. When you White Out, take 2 shots.

Additionally, you can play along by downloading the ROM files here.



Stellaris Popularity Contest (feat. Olivia & Tanner). Happening Thursday & Friday from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am ET.


Game Dev Night (feat. Olivia & Dozer). Happening Saturday from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am ET.


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