The Announcements are UnBEARable: Tech Support & Disaster Week Schedule

Disaster Week starts on Monday, May 15th at 3pm ET. Before getting around to that though, we have two new cast members to introduce you to! Both of these will be members of Technical Disaster’s Tech Support (more details on Tech Support will be announced tomorrow). For now here is all you need to know.

(From left to right: Olivia “FleetFiend”, Showdown “Showd”, Queenie, Tanner)

Bearicade Games stumbles upon a disaster. Game Designers Olivia and Tanner join the Technical Disaster team as members of Tech Support. Additionally, former Boomburst co-host Queenie and r/pokemon tournament commentator Showdown have joined in on the festivities.

Of these 4, three of them will be participating in #DisasterWeek. Check out the full schedule here.




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