Announcing Disaster Week!

“It’s going to take more than that to stop us, Deus.”

Technical Disaster is proud to launch what will hopefully become an annual tradition, Disaster Week! Disaster Week is a celebration of gaming and the communities that they foster. However it serves alternate purposes. Technical Disaster is the spiritual successor to The Boomburst, and as such the first iteration of Disaster Week will also serve as a huge “Thank You” for everyone from the Boomburst community who has stuck around. Also it’s a welcoming party to anyone new who followed us from other walks of life. Finally it serves as the launch event for the Technical Disaster podcast!

So what is Disaster Week? It’s a content marathon where the Technical Disaster team gets together and hosts a week of streaming madness. The list of streamers includes DozerZigashi, Cyarkos, Fleet, and more! Other content may be released as part of the event too, and all of that will get a feature on our website. Unfortunately this year our website is in the “temporary” branch of things while we try to pull together funds for an upgrade. However we won’t let that stop the fun!

Disaster Week will be running from May 15th and run through May 21st. Every day during the week streams will be running from 3pm to 12am ET. Some streams may not fall into this exact schedule, so if you want to get the most of your time then make sure you check out the Stream Schedule that will be posted Friday May 12th.

All streams that are a part of this event can be found at the TD Community Page. Additionally any of the main streams can be found over at the TD Twitch Page.

Stay tuned to our social media for any updates about the event and also some special announcements that will take place during the event.


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